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Will my husband go to jail for meth residue on a baggie? And of so, for how long? What are the chances for just probation?

Snellville, GA |

The cops came to my home and said that someone had accused my husband of selling, "large amounts" like pounds, of pot!! They asked to search our home and my husband gave them permission and they found a baggie, that he didn't even know was around, that with meth residue on it. He explained it was his friends from forever ago when he was staying here, but of course they didn't believe him. And I think he was arrested for a controlled substance, and I think they found a tiny bit of pot. What do I have to expect? :'(

He has also been arrested in the past for dui and such things. But not for many, many years. Does that matter?

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He can be charged with possession of meth if the residue tests positive for it. What sentence he may be facing depends on the strength of the evidence, his criminal history, the judge, the prosecutor, the lawyer representing him and other factors. Your husband needs a lawyer.


If there is enough residue in the bag to be tested, and they don't need much, then they will charge him with felony possession. If it is a first lifetime arrest, then chances are good an attorney could work out a plea that is only probation rather than jail time.


Jail? Perhaps. It depends on the judge, the prosecutor, the defense lawyer, the facts, the law, his criminal history, and any other relevant attendant circumstances. You can expect that your husband needs to hire the best lawyer he can afford, and follow that lawyer's advice, sooner rather than later.

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