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Will my husband be able to get a nursing license in Illinois after a class A misdemeanor charge ?

Chicago, IL |

in 2008 he had a theft charge that was a class A misdemeanor . After his court date he was given 100 hrs of community service and 1 yr probation period . He doesn't have any other criminal records , he currently finished nursing school and got a job at a hospital right away . After starting he received a letter in the mail saying that he was prohibited from practicing until they receive information about it . We are currently waiting to hear about whether or not he will be able to get his license . He went to get the theft charge expunged and we are also waiting to hear if that is possible . Does anyone know how good of a possibility he has on getting his nursing license ? His current job has him on hold but cant hold him for too long . . .

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The answer to most of your question lies in whether your husband actually received probation - which is a conviction - or supervision - which is not. People often get the terms confused. If your husband has an otherwise clean record and received supervision, he should be able to have the charge expunged. Additionally, as for the license, it will be a but easier to explain the supervision than a conviction. He must answer honestly, regardless of the disposition of his case but he need not answer that he was convicted if he received supervision.



He pled guilty and received supervision.

Judy A. Goldstein

Judy A. Goldstein


That is not a conviction. He should be able to have the charge expunged if his record is otherwise clean.

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