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Will my Homeowner's Insurance cover this? (dog bite related)

Boynton Beach, FL |

My dog bit another dog while I was leashing her up to walk her. I had just got the leash on and she saw this dog approaching with her owner. She bolted and reached the dog before I could grab the leash. She inflicted 2 puncture wounds. I reached her and she let go of the dog, but the lady tripped and fell on her rear. This occurred in the street in front of my property.

I paid for the vet's bill; the injuries were not severe.

I just received notice from a lawyer that the woman is pursuing a case based on personal injuries to her. I am assuming back injuries, since she was not bitten. Is it likely that my homeowner's insurance company will cover this?

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Yes, normally your homeowners policy will pay any damages associated with this claim including the medical bills. Provide any letters or suit papers to your insurance comapny immediately.


Probably - you should notify your insurance company immediately.


Just like the other lawyers instructed, notify your insurance company immediately. If they are going to cover you, they will assign a claims adjuster. If you are not covered by your insurance seek an attorney in your area immediately. Good luck.


You have to read your insurance policy. Many homeowners insurance policies EXCLUDE animal bites. Definitely call your insurance company and put them on notice.


Your insurance policy will control, read it carefully. In Florida, many homeowner policies exclude dog bites; you have to buy a rider if you want coverage. In many Florida counties, such an event is enough to have your dog declared a dangerous dog.

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