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Will my fingerprints show up in the system in a background check?

Harrisburg, PA |

This summer me and some friends had a lapse of judgement and ended up doing something that ended up with charges of institutional vandalism and conspiracy to commit a crime against the state. The charges were thrown but i did have my fingerprints taken. I'm applying for a competitive internship at a major tertiary hospital. Were my fingerprints thrown out as well?

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Yes. The charges will show up on a background check. However, it may be possible to have your record expunged based upon the information you have provided.

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It will remain on your record until you file for and receive an expungement. You should secure an attorney to take of of this for you.


I agree with what has been said thus far. Getting the charges expunged is really important, but it takes some time so you should consult attorneys in your area without delay. With respect to fingerprints and a record of this event. When fingerprinted the state sends them to the FBI for inclusion in their national database know as NCIC. The FBI does not expunge in response to a state court order of expungement. Accordingly a check through that index could still bring it to the attention of the hospital. Check with attorneys in your area. Consultations are commonly without cost. Good luck.