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Will my fiance be released or held till court date after his parole hold?

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My fiancé has a warrant for domestic violence and due to certain situations he left county and didn't see his parole officer. He hired an attorney , he was then arrested out of his county token in for the warrants and released few days later with a citation to appear in court for the DV case. His parole officer asked to report which he did and she took him in she said she is gonna take the hold of in 5 days, he's been there 3 business days And still has no court date. Will the court remain the same as the citation and he be released after the hold or will he get a new court date and deal with the matter there if so why has there not been court date set after being there past 72 hrs. His reason being held oa only a violation of parole. He is confused N his attorney is not responding quickly

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He will not get a new court date for the DV matter unless his attorney adds the case to the court's calendar. As for the courts are concerned, he was released on the matter. After the fact, he was place into the custody for the parole hold. Ideally, his attorney would ask for $1 bail for his DV matter so that he can accrue credit for time that he is serving. If he only has two days left on his parole hold (assuming his parole officer would uphold her promise), then he should be released in two days and then re-appear for the original scheduled date for the DV matter.



One more thing he was arrested for his parole violation in the other county N his parole officer cop'd him out that's where he got released and when he came to see her she arrested him for the same thing


The court date set for the DV matter will remain the same. Your fiancé should be released in two days and then appear in court on the DV matter.


If his parole officer took him in then he's not likely sitting and waiting for his next court date, rather he's sitting and waiting for a parole hearing, which is totally different and a new case. He should be preparing for a parole hearing because it appears it is going to be within those five days. I realize that he's represented for the domestic violence matter, but he needs to be represented at the parole hearing. Those that are represented at the parole hearings tend to get better results. I wish your fiancee the best and hope that everything turns out his way.

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