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Will my CDL license get suspended if I am convicted of a drug related felony ?

Philadelphia, PA |

I am going through a case right now where they offered me 36 months reporting probation and no fines to pay- It is a felony for Manafaturing with the intint to sell. My lawyer asked for a continuance so that he could try and get me in some type of program so that I can get the felony down to a misderminor because i only have one prior. My next court date is Oct 1, 2013 and i want to know if i dont get approved for this program and i have to take the felony on my record will my CDL license be suspended ? I live in PA if that helps .. Thank you in advance..

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You need to discuss this matter with your attorney. In Pa, a felony drug conviction could result in the suspension of driver's license which would in turn have consequences against your CDL.


According to the federal CDL regulations, the only ways your CDL could be affected by a drug conviction would be if you were driving while impaired by the drugs, if you were transporting or possessing the drugs while "on duty", or if the felony somehow involved the use of a commercial vehicle.



Thank you I appreciate the response really a big help ..


Attorney Patrin's answer is spot on. Beyond that, my advice is to talk to your attorney about any questions you have. Best of luck.

Jasen Nielsen

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