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Will my Boyfriend get Arrested at the airport if he has a warrent of arrest out for him? (not american or from USA)

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My boyfriend got arrested 2 years ago in Dec 2009 for drinking in his car with the keys in the ignition.
The first time we went to court the dates had to change, so we were given a new date to come back in 3 months.My boyfriend then went to poland for a holiday visiting his family,but then got offered a place in the Polish Army a day before we were meant to fly back to england for court.We rang the Solicitors explaining the situation, that he couldn't miss this opputunity to get into the Army and that he couldnt make it to court. They then did the Trail without him and he got found Guilty, and the Solicitor explained there will be a Warrent out for his arrest.Now me and My boyfriend want to go back to England for a Week Holiday.Will he get arrested and if so what will we expect?

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Your boyfriend apparently was convicted of Driving While Intoxicated (you don't say where that occurred, but I will assume it happened in Washington, D.C.) after he left the US for Poland and entered the Army. Now, he wants to go to England? and wants to know if he will be arrested due to the Warrant that's outstanding against him.

If there is a Warrant out for him, he is likely to be arrested. Of course, we don't know whether he was convicted of a Misdemeanor or a Felony, so that would make a big difference. I suggest he consult by telephone with a local attorney in the jurisdiction where he was charged with the DWI and have them arrange for a voluntary surrender so he can work the entire matter out and get it properly finished so there will no longer be a Warrant out for his arrest.

Nonetheless, it would appear he would be stopped at the airport if that airport is in the US. What they do with him after that depends on a lot of facts which are not in your question. You may want to give more detals next time.

Good luck.

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I agree with Mr. Robinson. If there is a Warrant out for his arrest, it is possible that he will be arested at the airport.

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