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Will my bankruptcy from a previous marriage affect a new spouse's credit negatively.

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Will my bankruptcy from a previous marriage affect a new spouse's credit negatively? I live in GA, but my former husband filed (I had to be included by law) Chapter 7 in 2002 in Texas. Debt was discharged, and we divorced. I have worked hard to re-build my credit history, and now I want to remarry. My future husband is concerned he will be negatively affected credit wise by my 2002 bankruptcy.

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As you probably know, your bankruptcy will stay on your credit report for many years.

Therefore, if you try to buy anything with your new husband and your credit report is used, it will reflect the bankruptcy.

Therefore, of course, it will impact your ability to make purchases with your new husband.

I highly recommend that you run your free credit report once a year!

You can do it on-line.


Credit reports are individual in nature. Many people believe that there is a combining of credit ratings because of marriage. This is not true. The reason that many married couples have similar credit ratings is because they have co-signed for debts and those creditors are reporting the same good or bad patterns of payment on each spouses credit report. Your previous bankruptcy has nothing to do with your prospective husband. While I agree with the previous response that, if you have a poor credit rating, your husband may have greater success applying for credit alone, the marriage in and of itself should not cause a bankruptcy to appear in any fashion on his credit report.

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