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Will my attorney or my defiance's attorney be able to give a power of affidavit to sign if he's locked up in jail ?

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If the can attorney can give my fiancée the power of attorney to sign , will I have any problems when I go to have it notarized ? Since he won't be present when It's notarized what will I need to have it notarized ? Is it required to have a witness for a power of attorney affidavit ?

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A witness is not required for the signing of a power of attorney in Texas. But, the signer must be present with the notary to acknowledge that he signed it. If the signer is in prison, the power of attorney will have to be signed and notarized at the prison.

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The power of attorney form can be mailed to the prisoner at the prison and he can sign there in the presence of a notary. Most prisons have notaries.

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The Power of Attorney must be signed in front of the notary, so you will have to either take the notary with you to the jail or send the power of attorney to the jail.