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Will my arrest with no conviction show up on a background check?

Albany, GA |

I was arrested for shoplifting at a retail store I worked for, for four years. I was always a good store employee and no one expected this out of me. All of the managers liked me a lot. I just made a real dumb mistake. I was arrested four months ago. I still have no convitions. Could this mean that my charges could possibly be dropped or that everything has not been processed yet. Also, will this arrest show up on a background check at another retail store. I have read and heard that an arrest can show up and sometimes it can be hidden only for a police to view past arrests. Does anybody know what could be happening here?

I do have a good lawyer but he says that he hasnt seen any evidence yet or has any additional details for me.

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The above answers are correct but there may be some lag time in reporting the information to the GBI, so it may take some time to show up. Wait till your disposition is reached and discuss with your attorney whether you will qualify for a possible expungement. If you avoid conviction the process can be very simple.
Good Luck.


Yes your rap sheet shows arrests along with convictions. That is visible to anyone that conducts a routine criminal background check.


most likely the arrest for Theft by Shoplifting will show up on the background check and it will have no disposition at this time

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