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Will Multiple prostitution arrest prevent naturalizarion of legal immigrant?

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Hi, I was arrested several times throughout california about two years ago. I have a total of four cases, two for prostitution and two for loitering. I have bench warrant for the cases and im looking to hire an attorney to take care of them because I live out of state. The cases are in Los Angeles, Santa Ana, San Diego and Orange County. I dont know if it helps but I was a victim of prostitution. I was taken away from my family in New York and I had to tell them I ran away so they wouldnt file a police report. I was able to escape and return to my family. Im currently working a regular job and I go to College. I really want to get rid of the cases because I want to become a naturalized citizen and leave my past behind. I need an attorney to handle the cases.

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You need to consult with both a criminal law attorney and an immigration attorney as soon as possible. These arrests, if not tended to properly, can be major problems for you if you end up being convicted on the prostitution charges. The criminal attorney, working with the assisatnce of the immigration attorney, may be able to get the charges reduced to something which will not pose a danger to you.

Don't waste time; you need to attend to these charges immediately. Once they have been taken care of, talk to the immigration attorney about naturalization. You cannot and should not file any applications while these charges are still open and pending.

Good luck!

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Your story is very sad, I would recommend for you to hire a criminal attorney and try to vacate the convictions for prostitution based on the fact that you were a victim. You must do this before you file for naturalization


You have equities to help with the ultimate outcome but you need a local atty in california to help resolve it all before you get to the immigration issues.

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You need to find an attorney in the county where the warrant was issued to resolve that matter first. From there I suggest getting certificates of dispositions for all of your criminal cases and consulting with an immigration attorney who will advise you about waiting periods and minimizing your prior criminal history.

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I agree that you need to attend to these matters promptly. However, you should CONSULT THE IMMIGRATION ATTORNEY BEFORE TAKING ANY PLEA. You can do this directly or through your criminal attorney. The wrong plea could be a major problem. In a case like this prosecutors may be sympathetic and they may work with your counsel to give you a disposition that wont hurt your immigration status.


To add to the above advice, it is important to get the prostitution charges dismissed or reduced to disorderly conduct if at all possible, as pleading guilty to or otherwise being convicted of those charges may be a bar to naturalization.

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