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Will money saved during a separation be halfed with ex-spouse during the final decree?

Columbus, GA |

Going through divorce, separated for over a year. The money I have saved will that be shared during final decree? Will judge just look at my income only and not what I have managed to save to determine all child support, etc payments.

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First of all, you seme to have a misconception. Georgia does NOT have community property. There is no 50-50 division.

However, Georgia has equitable division, so a court could take any, none or all of the amount and give it to your spouse, depending on how the court rules. Additionally, resources can effect amounts of alimony and child support.

Discuss this with your lawyer (you should have one).


Money earned and saved after the divorce filing is your separate property and not subject to division in the divorce. Your child support is figured on your income and there is a standard calculation. There is a link to the Georgia child support calculator and more Georgia divorce information at the link below.


Note: Child support is determined based on your income AND your spouse's income. But it is income only (all sources), not savings.

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