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Will it show on a FINGERPRINT background check that my charge was reduced to disorderly conduct? it was over 2 years ago.

Miami, FL |

I just started a new job and part of the requirements are that I have to conduct a fingerprint bakcground check. I am EXTREMELY nervous, because I normally dont ever get into trouble, but I made some mistakes in the past. I am very afraid that something is going to show up, even though is seal, or even worst that if something shows up, that is shows the ORIGINAL CHARGE. I have been postposning it as much as possible, but it has been two weeks already since I started and I know my current boss from before through a mutual friend. Please help me! I need some answers.! I was arrested in NEW YORK, however now I live in Miami, Florida.

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There is no way to know for sure. It is good that you have sealed your case, but that does not mean that it has been scrubbed from all of the various websites that collect and have this information on hand. You will most likely have to wait it out. and see what happens.

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My college is correct. Also you should ask your question to a New York Lawyer bc they will know the answer as to what exactly they were able to seal! If this was a NY case of course. Good luck!

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I suspect that it doesn't much matter where you were arrested, what you were arrested for, what the final disposition was or whether or not you sealed / expunged the record. This is 2013 and we are forehead deep into the internet age, where nothing is private, sacred or truly hidden from public scrutiny.

Sadly, sealing (and expunging) only applies to certain (not even to all) government agencies and has no effect whatsoever on private (er, extortionist) enterprise, who compile and maintain arrest information and then demand that you pay them off to remove your information from their database and public access. Worse still, after you "buy back your information", then you can count on there being another private company lurking, somewhere, sometime, somehow, just waiting for you to pay them off as well. Its a seemingly never-ending vicious cycle.

For better or for worse you are probably best advised to take the wind out of the sails by admitting your past issues / indiscretions to your present (or potential) employer rather than waiting for them to find out on their own.

I'm sorry to have to give you this advise and wish you luck!

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The answer always is it depends. It depends on how thorough a search they will do. Sorry to be non-committal but that's the truth, especially in this digital age. My non-legal advice is that if this is really causing you distress consider having a conversation with your new boss. Unless you know it will be a problem, perhaps an honest conversation will go a long way to help you get some sleep and be a more productive employee.


Yes, if it wasn't expunged it is very likely going to come up.

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Websites such as or have mugshots from years ago. There is a class action case against some of these sites in Ohio and there was talk in the legislature in Florida of banning these companies from forcing people to pay to remove the photos. But be warned, if you pay to remove the photos on one site, the same photo will often pop up on another site a few weeks or months later. I have been successful in writing demand letters to some of these companies and the photos were removed. Try a Google search of your name and mugshot and see what comes up. If you can find it, so can an employer.

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