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Will it be ok if my USC wife leaves the space for the annual income or tax year blank on the i864 form?

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my wife does not work and does not have tax returns. but i have sponsor who makes more than enough and already provided tax, paystub, ID, and i864 for me. Currently my USC wife started working 2months back and im thinking if it is really that necessary to include her paystub. I wish not to include it because it is hourly job that varies a lot. About me: im on student visa (graduate student) that makes about $3k per month. please advice before i send wrong info out to USCIS cos i dont want to get stuck

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Any questions left blank will result in an RFE. The question wouldn't be asked if the Service wasn't looking for an answer.
I agree with my colleague.


You need to re-read the instructions more closely and/or consult with an attorney .. attaching a statement will be a good idea.

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The sponsor needs to fill out the form to the fullest.

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