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Will I still have to appear in court if the $150 is paid? And what happens if restitution is not paid?

Philadelphia, PA |

My daughter was fired for theft. Since she's a minor I was sent two notices, one to pay fine of $150 and another to pay restitution of $499.00. She insists that shes innocent but they wont let see any tape and just tells me that the odds are against her

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Not stated here who your source of advice that "the odds are against her" may be, but it's obvious that it didn't come from a qualified criminal defense attorney in your area. You are apparently concerned with a Retail Theft incident and it also appears that a civil demand for money (probably from an attorney or law firm) has been received as well as a citation for the offense or a criminal summons from a magistrate-level court evidencing the filing of a criminal charge for Retail Theft. Pay close attention (read everything) if it is from a court or was issued by a law enforcement. Ignore efforts by attorneys, law firms, or the store itself to pay money. Best advice I can give you and her is to consult with a qualified criminal defense attorney without delay. Responding to the court system involves strict time limitations.



She was an employee of the store. They didn't contact authorities as she agree to pay restitution. The letters did come from attorneys.

William A. Jones Jr.

William A. Jones Jr.


I confess to confusion by your use of the word "fine" in your question. That suggests involvement of the criminal court system at some level. I strongly recommend that a qualified criminal defense attorney be consulted. In that private and confidential setting all the facts can be brought out and a reasonable course of action charted. Good luck.


Get a local lawyer ASAP. Just paying the fine does not clear the theft from her record. Don't post any further details, please.


Hire a criminal defense attorney and fight the case. A lot can be done to avoid a conviction. It will hurt your daughter's future if she pleads guilty.


Lots of good advice from my colleagues here, the best of which is to seek representation from a criminal defense attorney at once, best of luck.

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Get your daughter a lawyer ---- a good criminal defense attorney, who knows the ins and outs of the juvenile process.

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