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Will I pass the character and fitness portion of the NY Bar?

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I am entering law school this year. I just began thinking about the character and fitness portion of the bar. i have an acd for petit larceny - will this prevent be from being accepted to take the NY bar?

I did disclose this on all my law school applications.

how would one respond to that question asking about arrest on the bar questionnaire? since technically an acd does not admit guilt nor innocence will a simple sentence stating an acd be sufficient?

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It will not be an issue for the bar.

I would disclose it for character and fitness.

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One would expect that the NY Bar would abide by the laws of the state of New York. Being granted an ACD means that the case legally never happened. You will not have any issue with the committee on character and fitness but I would suggest that you do indeed disclose the ACD.


Fyull disclosure,. without going overboard, is the key. My understanding is that some folks with prior criminal records have been admitted so I don't tbhink you have much to be worried about. The worst acdtion would be to duck or dodge so answer the question in a full and forthright manner.You may be asked abotu the cirumstances of same in a persobnal interview but again I see no major issue here. Good luck to you, barrister to be

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