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Will i need an attorney? what can i do?

Wichita, KS |

about 2 weeks ago i was involved in a rear end fender bender. i was at a stoplight and it turned green so we started moving and all of a sudden the car infront of me slams the breaks and i run into her, this happened at no more than 10 mph. we pulled over and looked at the cars. she said there wasnt anything on hers but a small dent. she said she wasnt gonna file a claim, but we still exchanged insurance info. and we both left. no police report filed. one week later she files claim and my insurance paid her $1500. i am now being charged with Failure to report accident, following too close, and no drivers license. they got my name wrong on the ticket when they mailed it. thats why they accused of no license, i have a full one. what can i do? do i need an attorney? i have mandatory court.

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You should definitely seek the advise and representation of a local attorney. A local attorney will be able to help you figure out the exact charges being leveled against you and will know how to handle them.

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You probably want a local traffic attorney to assist you. The driver's license issue you can likely handle on your own if you go to court on your scheduled hearing date and show that you do and at all times did have a valid license; however, the other ones are not so easy.

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I would definitely recommend getting a local (Wichita) traffic attorney to handle this with the court. He/she can review the matter with you and you will feel more comfortable having to attend the court session. Good luck.

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Spend a couple hundred bucks for a local traffic court lawyer to fight it.


In order to avoid more problems, I suggest you retain an attorney to represent you at the court hearing. You have learned an important lesson here. You should always call a police officer to the scene of a crash, regardless of the circumstances.

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