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Will i lose my ssi for my dependents when i get married?

Houston, TX |

My dependents are 13 and 17. The 17 year old will be 18 in July. Thanks.

My spouse makes alot more money than I do (38K a year).

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If you are receiving SS (supplemental security income) then your new spouses income and resources will be taken into consideration and you may lose the dependency benefits for your children. However, if you are receiving SSDI (social security disability insurance) benefits, then your new spouses income will not effect the dependency benefits. So, the question I would want to answer is, are you receiving SSI or SSDI? The reason I am asking is, your question seemed to imply that you are working, if you are working and receiving SSI, you must be making very little if any money to continue to receive those benefits as they are needs based. I would suggest talking to an attorney in your area who can review whatever paperwork you may have on the matter to get a definitive answer.

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