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Will I lose my license if I get convicted of a DWAI and how will it affect my insurance? Do I need SR-22 for a dwai?

Boulder, CO |

I recently got arrested for a DUI in Boulder and my lawyer says that most likely I will get a DWAI plea deal and that I should plead guilty. If I end up getting convicted of this, will I still need SR-22 insurance?

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If you do not lose your license, you will not need SR-22.


Your lawyer should be able to answer this question if she or he is an experienced DUI lawyer. You are likely to see an increase in your insurance rates from a DWAI conviction.


Casey is right. You paid your attorney for these answers. The fact that you are seeking advice outside of your attorney is concerning to me. You will only need SR-22 if your license is revoked administratively. The criminal courts have nothing to do with SR22. It is the subsequent action the DMV takes against your license that then causes SR22 and other requirements contingent upon reinstatement. If your license is revoked either at your express consent hearing or due to a criminal conviction of DUI then you will required to carry SR22 by the DMV. If you win your DMV hearing and subsequently plead to DWAI, then you will not need SR22, assuming that this is a first offense and you do not exceed your alloted points with the DMV.

Because every case is unique and your past history as well as current case facts are important, you should really be getting these answers from your attorney.


Both Casey and Rhidian are correct, and both extraordinary DUI attorneys. Call your attorney and ask these questions to him or her. Should your license be revoked based on excessive points as a result of the DWAI conviction, you are required to carry SR22 insurance upon reinstatement. If your license has already been revoked from an administrative hearing based on the DUI arrest, also referred to as an Express Consent hearing, you are required to carry SR22 insurance for a period of time when reinstated. The length depends on whether you are eligible for and do elect to reinstate early with a restricted license, or whether you were involved in an accident.

Jay Tiftickjian
Tiftickjian Law Firm, P.C.

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