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Will I lose my license????

Birdsboro, PA |

I recently "failed to stop" at a stop sign, according to the police officer on duty. I def didn't and if I did it was half a second less than I should have. It added 3 points to my already 5 and now I have a departmental hearing because it's my 3rd time for a possible suspension. My question is, whose decision is it if I should lose it? And do I get a chance to explain the situation? Losing my license now will effectively ruin the next year of my life, all I do is drive to work and save money but my driving record isn't squeaky clean. But it's a stupid stop sign violation so I'm hoping they're lenient...

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The decision is that of the PennDot hearing examiners. You may appeal to that decision by filing an appeal in the Court of Common Pleas in the county that your ate licensed in. Don't be surprised if you get a 10 days suspension.

Basil Beck


You can also try to fight the violation itself, pa law allows drivers in some situations to encroach over the stop line if the view of perpendicular traffic is obstructed

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I agree with my colleagues. The commonwealth could offer a lesser offense without points involved, but due to your history they may be reluctant.

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To maximize your chances of a good result, you should hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you. The cost of the attorney is minimal compared to the problems caused by the loss of your license.