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Will I have trouble getting a travel visa to the US later on in life if I get convicted of a drunk driving misdemeanor?

Ann Arbor, MI |

Current a student on F-1 status, graduating in a year. Will likely return to the states late in life. Currently charged with drunk driving, case is still ongoing.

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If convicted, it will probably not affect inadmissibility, but you will always have to disclose it on the application. It will tarnish you good moral character. Battle you charge in crim court.


I agree with my colleague. If you ever wish to apply for permanent residence in the US this misdemeanor could negatively impact your application. It is best to hire a good criminal attorney who will fight this charge.

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Yes you could have difficulty coming back to the US in the future if you are convicted of drunk driving. There is already a ground of inadmissibility that has been used against persons in your situation when applying to come back to the US resulting in those persons having to prove they are not alcoholics. Congress is also considering making a DUI conviction a separate ground for inadmissibility and removability and possibly an aggravated felony. You should have an attorney defending you in this process.

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I agree with attorney Murphy. A DUI is considered a "serious misdemeanor." Most US consulates will not grant you a visa to return to the USA if you have been convicted of a DUI. At the very least many consulates require a number of years to pass before you will be granted a visa. You must have a clear record during those years.
Second, if you are here on an F1, a DUI conviction may result in the revocation of your visa. Any violation of the law can be considered a violation of the terms of your visa.


Hire a good criminal attorney and keep in contact with an immigration attorney throughout your case. Good luck.


A drunk-driving conviction could have a negative effect on your chances of obtaining a visa later in life. I suggest you work with an attorney to try to fight the charge.

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