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Will i have to go to jail when i go to court to clear my warrant?

San Diego, CA |
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That will depend on the reason for the warrant and your history on probation, criminal record, etc. It's always better to have an attorney handle this for you....if it's a misdemeanor, the attorney can likely appear without you being present in court.

David P. Shapiro


the answer to your question depends on the reason for the warrant and the bond associated with the warrant. As noted above, if it's a misdemeanor appearance, it is better to allow an attorney to appear on your behalf and then that attorney can try to make arrangements to avoid being arrested.

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If you have a warrant it will be best to hire an attorney to appear in court to have the warrant recalled. A lot will depend on the reason there is a warrant in the system for you. Your attorney will be able to work with you to create a plan to get the issue that caused the warrant to be cleared up. There is always potential jail time; however having an attorney will greatly reduce the potential for jail time due to the warrant.
Robert Driessen


You can hire an attorney to go in and get the warrant recalled for you. Will you go to jail, probably not, a bench warrant is issued to get you into court because you didn't come to begin with. But if you get pulled over you can go to jail.

Let me know if I can be any more help to you.

Elliot R. Zarabi, Esq.
(818) 478-9895

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It depends on your criminal history, the charges , what the warrant is for and the Judge in that courtroom. I practice in San DIego and a downtwn judges tend to be more lenient than Vista and El Cajon Judges. It would be best to hire an attrorney to appear on your behalf because he can try to get you reinstated and the warrant recalled without you appearing in court (if its a misdemeanor).

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