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Will I have any trouble traveling internationally?

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Unfortunately in 2012 I made a wrong decision of committing forgery 470a and 470b. I was tried as a juvenile and sentenced to camp. I plead guilty. I am currently on probation and have received authorization to travel to Panama. I am worried that I will be denied entry and I don't want my family to have he embarrassment of me getting denied entry in Panama. I want to know if a juvenile case can be accessed. Thank you very much for your help.

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While your question only deals with travelling, an immigration attorney is who you ought to speak with about this. I certainly can give you anecdotal comments about what I have seen clients experience, but it may not be helpful to your specific concerns. Address your question to an immigration attorney in person, rather than through an Internet message board, because you need to show him or her the paperwork related to the travel authorization.


It is possible to be denied entry. Canada, for example will not allow in an American citizen for a simple DUI!
You should contact an immigration attorney. You do not want to travel without this information of course. I've had clients get into countries, but then getting out is a problem. That would be worse !
I'd hire an attorney to get an early termination of probation, and you should do the work to make that happen. ( Classes, education accomplishments, etc.)

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You need to consult with Panamenian counsel before making any travel arrangements. This is purely a foreign law question.


Juvenile cases are confidential, and there is generally no public record of your case. A true finding for a violation of Penal Code 470a and 470b should not affect your ability to travel abroad, but you should also consult with an immigration attorney.

When the time is right, consider sealing your juvenile record.

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The first answer requires a question. When you say you were given authorization to ge to Panama, authorization by whom? If the court gave you permission then get a copy of that order signed and stamped with the clerks seal. If its your probation officer, then again, get it in writing. Second question: Are you a U.S. Citizen? If you received permission from either of these it only means that you won't get in trouble with the court for leaving the jurisdiction. A Juvenile is not convicted. A Juvenile has a Petition that is" sustained". Not the same as a conviction. You also were not sentenced. Only if you were "Fitnessed" up and tried as an adult would it be a conviction. PC 470a and b are not fitnessable offenses. You should be fine.