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Will I got to prison for false imprison ment and battery Its my first offense I've nvr been in trouble with the law or arrested

Las Cruces, NM |

I'm 19 I live in las cruces nm I was charged with two counts of false imprisonment and assault to a household member and battery to a house hold member they dropped one false imprisonment and assault so I have false imprisonment and battery its my first offense I've never been arrested my background is clean

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You are not clear about the specifics of the battery charge however I can tell you that the false imprisonment is a serious offense. It is usually accompanied by a charge of kidnapping, as well.

Under NM law you can be imprisoned for your first offense of this nature. If you are employed or in school, have a steady residence, are not a danger to the general public and/or a risk of flight, then you are a good candidate for a probationary sentence.

You need to get a good attorney. Due to the nature of these domestic violence charges, they are often ver defenseable.

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