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Will i go to jail or what kid of fines am i lookin at?

Mendota, IL |

i got pulled over for no front license plate and got arrested for driving on cancelled license and the cops found paraphernilia on my freind and cannabis on them and then searched my car and found a small pipe i got charged with no valid drivers license, paraphernalia, and no front plat


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The sentence will be imposed by the judge depending on the evidence. From you post we can't say what the prosecutor can or can't prove.

Hire an attorney. That step alone is a good one toward trying to lessen the charges and try for a good outcome.


A good criminal defense attorney will do wonders in helping you minimize the damage. Please consult with one or more attorneys and then hire the one you like the best. In the meantime, you should refrain from discussing your case online or anywhere else in public or in private except with an attorney. Best wishes to you.

Although AVVO describes this site as providing free legal advice, it is really a simple Q&A forum. The volunteer attorneys provide general answers. No specific legal advice is given here and no attorney-client relationship is established. For precise direction and legal advice, please consult in person with an attorney in your area. Be sure to bring all relevant paperwork with you.


Are you going to go jail? No one can tell you at this point. The key is you COULD go to jail as these are all criminal charges. An experienced criminal defense attorney can lay out your options and secure the best disposition possible


The crimes with which you have been charged carry possible jail sentences. Whether you will actually go to jail depends on a lot of different factors, among them your criminal history and the circumstances of the arrest. You should refrain from posting further details of your case online and seek the assistance of a defense attorney as soon as possible.


Talk to an attorney you're comfortable with -

1. If your license is just expired, go get it replaced at the DMV or through the mail.
If it's suspended - have your attorney figure out what's going on with the license status as that will determine not only the potential punishment (if you were driving and you were suspended for a statutory summary suspension for example you could be looking at jail time or community service).

2. Attach a front plate to your vehicle and take a picture of it - that will likely be dismissed for compliance.

3. Paraphernalia is a class A, mandatory 750.00 fine, and likely court supervision assuming you have a clean record. This will probably still require drug testing through probation.

Off the cuff I would think jail is unlikely unless your license issue is really troubling - or you have numerous cannabis/paraphernalia type charges on your record.

Good luck!

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