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Will I go to jail if I got pulled over driving on a suspended license while having DUI probabtion?

Hanford, CA |

I recently got a DUI in Tulare CA and got 5 years probation. I had to go to work one day because I couldn't get a ride, I just drove myself and got pulled over for driving on a suspended in Hanford CA. I wish I wouldn't have drove, but my job was in jeopardy.. and I just got back on track with a job. Will I go to jail because of this? I really can't do any jail time I will lose my job, and I know I wont qualify for any programs because of a past conviction. Will they even use the record from Tulare County in Hanford?

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Driving on a license suspended for DUI, Vehicle Code 14601.2, has a minimum of ten days in jail and a maximum of six months.

Driving in violation of a DMV-imposed suspension after losing an administrative hearing, Vehicle Code 14601.5, still has a maximum of six months, but there is no mandatory minimum.

You aren't going to be able to solve this issue with information from a stranger on the Internet. You need a lawyer in Kings County (where Hanford is located). If you can't afford to hire your own attorney, the judge will appoint one from the Public Defender's office when you go to court.


The DA in Hanford will definitely know about your Tulare DUI. It's on your rap sheet and DMV record.

As indicated, if the section you're charged with is the 14601.2, you're looking at a mandatory minimum of 10 days in jail, a fine and an ignition interlock device. If it's 14601.5 (probably not, since you've been convicted of a DUI) there is still the fine, but no mandatory jail time.

You're also potentially facing a probation violation in Tulare County for picking up the new case while on probation, possibly subjecting you to additional time. I'd suggest an attorney that practices in both counties to handle the new case and any probation violation.


You are looking at a new case as well as a potential probation violation. The new charge will be a 14601.2 that carries mandatory 10 days jail. It will be best for you to hire an attorney. Sometimes your attorney can have the jail time converted to community service or weekend jail time.
Robert Driessen