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Will i go to jail for owing money on Payday check loans and a Title Loan in Salt Lake City Utah because i am not earning money

Salt Lake City, UT |

My job promised me a certain amount that i would be making and i am going to loose my apartment and i cannot afford to pay back the money i thought i was going to have with my job

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You will not go to jail for non-payment of debts, and collection agencies are prohibited from threatening or suggesting that you can go to jail. However, there are negative repercussions from not paying debts -- such as harm to your credit rating, potential garnishments, and continuing stress -- but no jail. You may want to try debt and credit counseling (there are a few free services available) to help get your debts resolved within your means.

If you want to know more about your rights under Utah and federal law, you can go to the following site and click through on the links --

Good luck with things.

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ahhh thank you so much!