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Will I go to jail for my child's truancy?

Richmond, VA |

My child is autistic and she's had lots of troubles during the year. However mostly sicknesses are what kept her absent from school for so many days. For an entire month at the beginning of the school year I didn't have a phone or way to contact the school to let them know she was sick; I did however let them know when I came to the school and I was told its too late for the notice b/c they have to be told within 24hrs of the school day of absence. Anyway, after 11 unexcused I got a note saying she had 11 unexcused days and if it continued a report would be made and there was an appointment with the school s. worker to make a plan to avoid more unexcused absences. That was in October. I just received another note from the school saying they were made aware there were 11 unexcused absences

THE VERY SAME ABSENCES IN WHICH I GOT THE NOTE THAT WAS ONLY SUPPOSED TO BE A WARNING!- and that I've been reported to the juvenile and domestic relations court--this is after I was assured in October that this first offense I was only having the meeting to see how that could change-which I attended!!! And now they are using those same absences and filing a report?! Will I go to jail for this? I'm struggling to go to college to become a nurse so that I can better support myself and my children and I have no help! This could ruin my chances of providing a better future for my family. What can I do? Also, I read that if I'm charged, it's a misdemeanor charge that will go on your record. Would I be able to get it taken off of my record? I'm working so hard through college to ensure I'm one day able to provide my kids with all they need. My daughter won't be missing anymore days either because I'm pulling her out of school and homeschooling her because this is ridiculous!

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I'm afraid that what you need to do is schedule an immediate consultation with an attorney in your local area who proactices criminal defense law and preferrably also has experience representing parents in child abuse and neglect/child removal/parental rights' termination cases.

This response does not create an attorney-client relationship and is intended for general information purposes only.