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Will I go to jail for my charge of 2nd offense to driving on suspended license? What should I do?

Prince George, VA |

I hit someoe in 2007 by falling asleep insurance company had my license suspended required me to pay 10000 dollars I filled bankruptcy so they are no longer a problem have a court date on the 6th of October for this 2nd offense charge have paid the prior offense charge but it looks like they suspended my license for 90 days I think so I wont be able to get my license back by the court date I am working 2 jobs right now trying to pay back student loans I have not been in any other trouble except driving on suspended license and have onnly had one speeding ticket

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Whether the court imposes jail time cannot be predicted. It is totally dependant on the judge and the circumstances under which you were driving. However, since you were apparently driving withing the period of the 90-day suspension of your previous conviction, there is a high probability that you will receive some jail time. In Virginia, a conviction of driving on suspended requires the court to suspend the individual's license for an additional period of time, and you would have signed a form, acknowledging that your license was suspended at the time of your initial conviction.

You should definately find a lawyer.

Corinne Magee

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