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Will I go to jail because I failed the interlock on my car and got a lockout because I drank Theraflu when I was sick?

Albuquerque, NM |

I live in New Mexico. So during the Christmas holiday I was sick for two weeks with a cold and I took medicine before I drove and I got a test failed and a lockout. At the time I still had not yet been assigned a PO and at the interlock place, the guy working there told me not to worry about it. Well my first meeting with my PO is on Monday morning the 28th of January and this happened back two days after Christmas. I found out now that I should have met with a PO and been tested to prove I hadn't consumed alcohol but it's way to late for that now. Do you think I will get off with a warning, or do you think I'm going to go to jail for this?

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Did you have any attorney for your case? Your questions can be answered by him/her. Usually a court will not put someone in jail for one violation issue with the interlock. Make sure you understand the machine, how to use it and what to do if there is an error message.