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Will i go to jail

Gig Harbor, WA |

i recently found out that i ave a warrant(felony)because of checks that were writtem by me in 2007.The warrant has been on me since 2009.I am very scared.I dont have any other issues and never ave been in trouble with the law.if i go to quash the warrant,could they put me in jal insted?I need help.I am a mommy of two children.

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I'm sorry to hear that you're having to deal with this mess! I suggest you call the court clerks office and ask them what their quash procedure is. If you hired a lawyer, he/she could also give you more info on the process and the possibilities of being arrested.



I agree with the answer above. I'd just add that you can ask the court clerk about how to screen for a public defender if you are unable to afford to hire an attorney. If you decide to hire an attorney, he or she should setup the hearing to quash warrant as part of your representation.


The best way to handle this is to hire a lawyer, set a hearing date and go to court with the lawyer. They will help you start and guide you through this process. If you can show the court you've started the process as soon as you found out about the case the judge will be more inclined to let you stay out of custody with no bail ("out on PR") while the case proceeds. If the dollar amount of your checks was fairly low and you have no other cases against you the odds are good you will be out on PR. (206) 617-9173


When a person is charged with a crime the Court is allowed to place condition of release on that person. One of the main reason for condition of release are to ensure that the person shows back up to court. So if the Court believes that the person is not likely to show back up to the court, the judge can take that person into custody until the next court date or make them post bail to ensure they return.

That being said it is well in the courts discretion to release somebody on their promise to return to court or to take them in custody. You have some good things about your case. The charge is from 4 years ago and the warrant is over two years old and during that time you have not been in any trouble. However, the court is going to want to know why there was a delay in taking care of the warrant. Did you know about the warrant in 2009 or did you somehow just find out about the warrant recently. I would contact the court and find out the procedure on quashing warrant and try to take care of this as soon as possible.