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Will I get time in jail if I turn my self in on a failure to appear warrant??

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I got a ticket for driving w suspended license and was supposed to appear in court. I was told if I payed off the tickets that caused my license to be suspended and get it unsuspended that the charges would be dropped. I didn't have the money to pay the tickets at the time so I didn't go to court..which made me get a fail to appear warrant .
I now have payed off the tickets and unsuspected my license. and want to turn my self in to clear up the warrant....what will happen when I turn my self in ??

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The simple answer to your question is you will be arrested if you have a warrant for your arrest. However, with that being said there are usually several options you may have when you have a warrant. One option is to get your case put on the court docket and appear in front of the judge and try to explain why you failed to appear for court and that you want to take care of the issue. However, the judge would still be within his power to just throw you in jail when you show up to court so this is a risky option. Another option is to just turn yourself in and post your bond and have a new court date set. This will take care of the warrant and set a new court date for your case.

Given your situation, and the fact that you have gotten your license reinstated, the best option for you would be to speak with a lawyer in your State. The lawyer would be able to set your case on the court docket and probably speak with the prosecutor before your court date, and potentially work something out. At the minimum your lawyer may be able to get your warrant withdrawn, and get your case continued. Bottom line, if you turn yourself in just be prepared to post bond so you can get out of jail because you will not get the issue of the warrant taken care of until you get in front of the judge.


Yes, you will probably be arrested. However, if you get a lawyer, he can speak to the judge and get the FTA stricken and the case reset for trial. We do this all the time for people. Contact a local lawyer. A lawyer should also be able to get the charge reduced or dismissed because you have now got your license back.

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