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Will I get jail time for VOP, Driving While License Supspended/Revoked and an Expired Tag in the State of Ga.?

Lawrenceville, GA |

I was pulled over and arrested for DUI 6 months ago, along with the same charges listed above. I was placed on probation and ordered to take classes as well as check-in with a probation officer. I've completed the courses and am up to date with my PO. However I needed a way to and from work, so I drove my car and of course was pulled over within 5 miles of my job.

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It appears that you posted your question twice, but just in case, my thoughts are below.

You have two issues occurring in your situation. You have a possible probation revocation and a new criminal case, the pending traffic citations. It is likely a requirement of your current probation that you report any violations of law to your probation officer right away. Once you report this new violation, your probation officer will seek a probation revocation hearing. Your probation officer has to power to have you detained in custody at the jail until your revocation hearing is set, usually 7 to 14 days until the Judge who sentenced you previously can have you appear before him. Depending on your status and your relationship with your probation officer, if you report this before probation finds out about it on their own, you may be able to talk them into letting you Walk In to court for the hearing instead of taking you into custody.

Whether the Judge reinstates you on probation and under what terms depends a lot on the recommendation of your probation officer and your history. The probation revocation carries its only penalties and consequences over and above what you may be facing on the new violations. This new suspended license charge is going to carry some very stiff penalties, including an additional license suspension, with your criminal driving history.

I recommend retaining a qualified attorney who specializes in criminal traffic cases and probation revocation. Most attorneys offer free consultations and can review the circumstances of your case with you so you can decide on the best course of action in your case. Since you are facing possible custodial detention on the probation violation, I would contact an attorney right away to discuss your case. Please note that this is not intended to be specific legal advice. You should contact a knowledge attorney in this practice area.


The suspended license charge carries mandatory jail time if convicted. It also carries a mandatory extension of the suspension. However, I would be more concerned with the VOP charge. As a Gwinnett criminal defense attorney, I can tell you that you need someone working on your behalf to minimize the damage. Please let me know if I can be of assistance. I would be happy to help.


M. Jason Rhoades


Depends on the judge; many times a defense lawyer can convince judge to allow you to do more community service in lieu of jail time.


This is a situation unique to you. You are going to have to meet with an attorney, even if it costs you money.