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Will i get arrested for going to pay a fine that caused me to get a bench warrant

Deming, NM |

i was given a bench warrant notice in the mail on friday i figure because i had a fine of 398 left to pay but the judge gave me a payment plan and the lady in the front told me i can pay whenever as long as it was paid in full by 1pril of next year so i didnt go pay it this month because i was just going to pay it in full next month and now i have a warrant and wanted to know if i go in and explain if their going to arrest me or just take the money drop the warrant and let me walk

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I would consult an attorney in your area but generally if you are going to pay the fine IN FULL then they won't lock you up. I would call the court, find out the total you owe, and then go pay it off. The court just wants the money. You can also have someone else go pay it off if you're scared.


Often there is an extra $100 warrant fee. Don't wait to get arrested unless you like jail food.

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