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Will I do jail time for not paying all of my probation fines when I go back to court? Will I get a second chance?

San Antonio, TX |

Last yr in Nov I was charged with a class b misdeamenor for theft. I was put on probation and required to pay a fine. I was doing good for around three months paying and reporting BUT stopped paying and reporting because I lost my job and just had a baby so times were rough. Well a week ago I was arrested because I had a warrant out for me because I violated my probation. I have court this month and I am scared I will serve jail time. I have a job now and I want to kno if I can just pay all the money in one lump sum? Will I BE offered another chance?

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You really need to sit down with a criminal defense lawyer who practices in the court that put you on probation. In Texas, inability to pay is a defense that can be raised in probation revocation cases. However, reporting is a basic part of being on probation. You are by no means alone. Many people make the same choice you did and stop reporting when they cannot pay. What will happen to you is uncertain. What is pretty sure is that you need a lawyer.

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