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Will I be charged with petty theft, and if so, can I get a lawyer to settle things before I get a summons or court date mailed?

West Lafayette, IN |

I live in Ohio but while visiting a friend in Indiana, I shoplifted a $12 item from a gas station and was caught. Denying it, I left, but the lady said she was calling the police and I believe got my license plate number. It was hugely out of character for me and I panicked.

This is a first time offense and I live in a different state, so is it likely they'll pursue this issue? The value of the item is low and it is my first offense. If it's likely they'll pursue it, can I hire a lawyer to take care of it before anyone comes to my house? I'd like to deal with this myself without family or friends finding out about my idiotic misstep.

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If you were caught and did NOT leave with the item, nothing will happen. If the manager tried to stop you but you fled with the item and the manager did get your license plate, the local prosecutor can charge you. If there a re charges filed, hire a criminal defense attorney from Tippecanoe County.

NEVER make any admission in a public forum.

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Exercising unauthorized control over the property of another is conversion in Indiana, a class A misdemeanor. An experienced, criminal defense lawyer can investigate this matter and resolve both the potential civil retailer's demand for compensation and and criminal matter that is being investigated or pursued.