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Will I be charged with a felony or will my charges be reduced?

Blacksburg, VA |

Went into an abandoned house through an open window, took some stuff that resulted in grand larceny and breaking and entering, do you think they will reduce my charges? And not have a felony on my record. The items were returned and this is the first and last time I will ever be in trouble with the law. Both charges Are felonies. I really can't afford to have those on my record trying to be a teacher.

Also I don't have Any money to hire a lawyer so I have to go with a public defender.

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Well, the answer to your first question has already been answered for you, you have indeed been charged with felonies. As to whether they may be reduced or dismissed depends upon a number of factors that you will need to discuss with your public defender. Do not speak about the case or the facts with anyone else until you have spoken with your attorney.

Good luck.

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Since it is my first time ever being in trouble COULD the charges be reduced to misdemeanors? And since I returned to property that was stolen where will I stand on the grand larceny charge?


Should have thought about the consequences (opportunity to teach) BEFORE breaking and entering. Your charges are serious. Your future uncertain. Hire a criminal defense attorney immediately.

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