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Will i be arrested for flying if i have three ojws and one fta?

Denver, CO |

I need to fly to Colorado for my brothers graduation and I have 3 OJWS and 1 FTA from when I was a juvenile and now I am almost 20.

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No you will not necessarily be arrested at the airport. If you have any police contact or if you have trouble going through security you would be immediately arrested.

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I agree with Mr. Hebets. It is unlikely that the TSA will have you flagged in the system and have officers waiting for you at the gate. However, ANY contact you have with law enforcement will likely result in a check of your ID and the discovery of outstanding warrants.

This problem is not going away and will likely hinder you in the future. It may affect your ability to obtain a driver's license or a job. Perhaps you should consider setting aside your time while your are here to address these old problems.

Best of luck to you.

John Buckley

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Both Mr. Hebets and Mr. Buckley are correct. The TSA is a federal agency and will likely have no access to your OJWs and FTA. However, you need to take care of them right away. I am not really sure what you are thinking of letting them linger. The longer you wait, the more pissed off you make the judges. I can fully attest to that as a former judge. You are almost 20. You are not 15 and you are not stupid - as shown by you inquiring on this Avvo site. Take some responsibility and get this taken care of.


The sole goal of the TSA is to ensure safe flying. They check documents such as a driver's license or Government issued photo Id to ensure that the person flying is the person that is on those documents. Rarely does anyone from the TSA go in to something else. However, I do agree with my colleagues that you need to take care of those other issues.

Good luck.

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