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Will I be allowed to "See" my blood test results "Prior" to my court date for a DUI. How long does it take in NC .

Wingate, NC |

The arrest was 6/5 and court is 7/25. Thank you

I was arrested for a DUI ONLY. I did have a 14 year old minor in my vehicle. Can they add this as an additional charge?

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You will not get the results prior to your first court date. They will be available to you or your lawyer when they come back, which Could be a few months. It just depends. Regardless, I strongly suggest your hire a good DWI defense attorney as it is a serious charge that can carry serious repercussions. Good luck to you.

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Having a minor in the car is a grossly aggravating factor which will require mandatory jail time. It is currently taking many blood cases more than a year to get the test results because of problems at the SBI. You need to get an experienced DWI attorney and get a speedy trial motion filed.


Blood tests usually take a few weeks to analyze so be patient and your attorney will get them as soon as they are available.


If the law enforcement agency which charged you sends your blood sample to the state SBI lab in Raleigh for testing, it typically can take months- 6 or more- for the test results to be sent back to the clerk of court and DA's office in the county where you were chaarged. If the law ernforcent agency which charged you instead uses a local lab ( like charlotte-Mecklenburg has) it could only be a matter of a few weeks. . Contact your lawyer and have them check to see if results are back sio you can trhen discuss defense strategy.

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