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Will i be able to sue for pain and suffering,emotional distress our anything else how would i be able t

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i work at a prison i got assaulted by 15 inmates on may 26 2011 since then my lifes been in a emotinal rolacoaster,till this day i still get headaches blurry visions emotinal i feel like im going to lose it and snap my work has me trough workers comp but it seems like the help they give me is in there favor im still in work restriction but i fill that my job is keeping me isolated,recently out of the 15 inmates that assaulte me only one got charge i did my own little investagtion i got a hold of reports,the video of me getting assaulted and all the paper work i have is inaccurate,such as the police reports have 3 diffrent stories and the prison reports are false affied such i read one report that they couldnt get a hold after me cause i was no longer working which is a lie just need advi

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I'm sorry to hear about this. It is always darkest before the dawn. Workers comp is the remedy, but you should have a local workers comp lawyer represent you which will help exponentially.


Yes Mr. Lassen is on point as usual. Go for a consult with a worker compensation attorney Good luck


The first question is whether this is purely a workers compensation injury, or whether there might be other entities involved. You might try speaking to my partner Joel Robbins or my associate Anne Findling. They handled a case involving a prison guard who was held hostage and raped by inmates, and are quite knowledgeable,

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