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Will I 485 be rejected if you get audited by IRS and owe money to IRS?

Herndon, VA |

My company is sponsoring me a green card and I would like to know if I get audited by IRS and I owe money to them for the past year will my green card be denied? Some of my friends told me that their friend's GC got rejected because they filed taxes incorrectly.

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Not likely.

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First, you should be cautious about taking any advice from 'friends' ... unless they hold a US attorney license.

Second, there is a big difference between owing tax and filing 'taxes incorrectly'.

No, if you owe tax, and have an agreement to pay it back, they won't deny the I-485 ... but they might delay it.

Talk to the company's immigration lawyer ... NOT a non-attorney in HR.

Also, pay a tax preparer to help you out ... .if you owe money ... they can also help with the repayment contract.

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Rejected? No.
Denied? Possibly, if you do not have a payment plan set up with IRS.

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