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Will I-130 allow a person to stay in US? I know I-485 is for adjustment of status which authorizes a person to work.

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I am currently working on H1B and in the process of transferring it to another reputed company. They have got an RFE which they will be able to respond successfully. I am also planning to get married 6 months down the line to an american citizen who is from my hometown. God forbidding something happens to my H1B, can my wife file I-130 ? and will that allow me to stay in US??

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If your wife to be is a US citizen, you can file 485 along with the 130 (after you get married). That will keep you in status as of the date of filing.

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Yes, USC spouses are eligible to adjust status so long as they were inspected upon entry. There are other exceptions too but I don't believe they are applicable here.

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Marrying a US Citizen will allow you to file the 130 and 485 adjustment of status.

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