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Will his insurance pay if I was parked on the firelane and got hit?

Irving, TX |

I was at a store parked on the firelane, and a suv in front of me was backing up and hit my passanger door. I contacted his insurance, and they tried to contact him to ask him what happened but he does not answer. In this case what can I do?

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Report to your ins co and let it fight it out. If minor, you can sue the other driver in small claims. Without seeing the scene and having all details, it is hard to comment on liability. If you had just pulled up or it was dark, and he was backing, it could be your fault. If you were plainly visible and he just didn't look before backing, it could be his fault.


Your standing in a fire lane is irrelevant as far as whose fault the accident was. Usually, though, a driver who is standing still is not at fault when the rear of another car impacts his passenger door.

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Report it to your insurance company and let them handle it.


Report it to your insurance company, this property damage claim isn't the big issue though, where you in the car, and if so, where you injured is a bigger question


If not, small claims court is typically a good option.