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Will hiring an attorney make an i 130 petition process go any faster ?

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I spoke with an officer at the NBC a few days ago. I was told that files are received on a first come first serve basis. When a clerk gets to a file it is reviewed quickly. If everything is filed correctly and in the order requested it is immediately processed. When a file is not organized and a more detailed review is required it is often put into a second pile and not looked at and passed on for a few days or weeks later. Conclusion; An experienced attorney can prepare your file more quickly and make sure your case is processed on the fast track rather then relegated to the, "needs more attention pile."


In the sense that hopefully it will be done correctly so that there is no request for evidence. But otherwise, the processing times are for everyone.

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No. If you receive a request for evidence, then quite possibly.

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An attorney will no be able to speed up the process at this point, but can help out if there is a request for evidence.

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No - attorney filed cases and pro se cases proceed in exactly the same way. The only issue that arises in more pro se matters is that you missed filing something, and a request for evidence is issued where an attorney would not have missed that.

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I agree with my colleagues, an attorney would absolutely be a good idea at this point if you receive a Request for Evidence. If the case seems to be taking an unduly long time, you might want to look into making an InfoPass appointment with your local USCIS Field Office. You will be able to speak to an immigration officer, who can look into the status and location of your file. Sometimes, under appropriate circumstances, the immigration officer at the Infopass appointment would be willing to put in a special request for you. Your interview will not be scheduled until the file is received at the local field office where the interview is set to take place. Best of luck to you.

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An attorney cannot expedite the processing of your case, however, having an attorney prepare your petition can help prevent delays due to mistakes in the preparation and filing process.

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No. Processing time are the same for everyone. However, if you know of facts that may possibly lead to a delay prior to filing or while a case is pending (if request for evidence is issued), then I would recommend that you hire a lawyer.