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Will he go back to prison? will he get a plea?

Albany, GA |

in jail, 4months left on parole for assault. new charge burglary he knows nothing abour. friend had car and,robbery for snatching 2 cartons of cig. in a store.

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Attorney answers 3


These questions are impossible to answer without more information. A lawyer would need to do a full investigation of these allegations before analyzing the likelihood of this individual being convicted of these offenses. These are serious charges, so it is stating the obvious that your friend needs an experienced lawyer immediately. His parole could be revoked even if the evidence of the new charges is not enough to convict him, and a lawyer will be able to represent him on the impending parole revocation proceedings as well.


Burglary can be a 20 yr felony, robbery is a 20 yr felony, if he is on parole and convicted of those crimes it is quite possible he will go to prison. A plea offer is made in almost every case. What he needs is a lawyer to defend him.


You friend needs to hire a good lawyer to find out what the new charges are based on and to do his/her best to get the most appropriate resolution for the case. Without having all the discovery and without talking to your friend, it would be impossible to make a judgment about what will happen in the case. He may need to go to trial or he may need to take a plea offer and get it over with, but only a skilled lawyer with all the facts will be able to give him that advice. Good luck.