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Will happens if informal probation is violated with a misdemeanor but in a separate county?

Riverside, CA |

What will happen if you get a misdemeanor in one county but are on informal probation in a total separate county. When I go to court for that misdemeanor will my current informal probation be brought up by the DA? Do they have any means of of even realizing I am currently on informal probation, and vice verse... will the court that originally gave me informal probation find out about my misdemeanor?

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As we discussed before, your original informal probation court could find out about the new misdemeanor. Similarly, the court with your new misdemeanor can see your earlier case as an arrest or charge pending without disposition and will, likely, inquire either of you (you may not have to answer) or the DA of the status of that case. Hire counsel to defend both cases as I suggested before.

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Assuming this is the same person that asked the similar question earlier, I suggest reviewing the answers that your previous question. You've gotten great free advice from a number of qualified attorneys. Keep your head up, and good luck.

Jasen Nielsen