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Will Florida extradite on a misdemeanor Violation of Probation and a writ of bodily attachment for $250?

Kissimmee, FL |

I currently live in California and will soon be moving to Oklahoma. I have a warrant in Florida for Violation of Probation and a writ from the same county for $250. Will Florida extradite me?

The writ is for the remaining balance of fines and such for a revoked probation with time served for the first VOP (DWLSR). I was then place on a different consecutive probation for petty theft over 100 but under 300. I violated by not reporting.

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Best Answer

Florida does not extradite for misdemeanors. What you might want to do is contact an attorney in thet County and see if he can work out a dismissal of the warrants in return for you paying off the remaining monies. If you have any questions please visit our website.


I highly doubt that Florida will go to the expense of extraditing you on a misdemeanor....the Interstate Compact on Extradition may not even cover the crime you were put on probation for. Regardless of that fact, the VOP can technically stay active forever and will make your life miserable until you take the necessary steps to clear the matter up. I recommend you contact an attorney in the jurisdiction where the probation sentence was given and have them approch the prosecutor to work out a deal - especially if you just owe financial obligations. Good Luck

Robert Heyman, Esq