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Will filing for bankruptcy clear a judgement

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If I file for bankruptcy will that eliminate a past judgement?

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A bankruptcy discharge will eliminate the judgment creditor's ability to collect the judgment.


A bankruptcy discharge will eliminate the judgment creditor's ability to collect on the judgment. If judgment was based on fraud, taxes, support and some other exceptions you cannot get a discharge. However, a money judgment for breach of contract, failure to pay credit cards, etc. can be discharged.

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I feel the other guys didn't give you a complete picture.

Yes, filing Bankruptcy will eliminate your personal responsibility to pay a judgment. It will stop any future wage garnishment & seizure or attachment of your bank account.

But thats not all creditors can do to collect! Without your knowledge, they may have recorded their judgment and effectively put a lien on any real estate you own. This lien may, depending on state law, also affect the title to your car, boat or motor home.

So what can you do about a lien? Well, it can be removed in a Bankruptcy, but it removing a lien is an additional procedure not covered by a standard filing or included in the flat fee agreement. So you will need to discuss this with your attorney.

No real estate & liens don't affect personal property? Then you don't have to worry!

Good luck!


Yes, it will. Contact my law firm tomorrow for more information regarding your case. You have options, and we can give you a free consult by telephone to make sure you know all of them.


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