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Will fighting in school extend my probation

Sarasota, FL |

I'm currently on probation and started high school. This gay kid has been harassing me thru my phone since the summer. Will I get my probation extended if I go up to him and confront him and possibly get into a fight because I'm against snitching to the authorities. What can happen?

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In Florida, after a juvenile is placed on probation, a Juvenile Probation Officer (JPO) is assigned. Which I assume you have. The JPO supervises you to determine whether you are complying with the court-ordered special conditions of your probation. The court may also have ordered your parents to report any violations of the court order by you to your JPO and to the court.

If you commit a new offense (which includes fighting) or fail to complete the special conditions ordered by the court on time, your JPO will file a Violation of Probation Petition. If the court finds a violation of probation did occur, the court may revoke your probation and impose an alternative sentence, such as placement in a residential facility run by the Department of Juvenile Justice or any other sentence that could have originally been imposed.

I would advise against fighting.



Thank you this was a great anwser