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Will either my girlfriend, or I loose our benefits if we get married from SSI and SSD?

Leesburg, FL |

My girlfriend makes roughly 284$ in SSD and 400$ in SSI, I get 634$in SSD and 27$ in SSI we have been together a long time and want to get married, she has stage 3 cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy and getting other medical things from Medicaid and Medicare. If we got married will one of us loose our benefits? I have been on SSD for about 20years she has been on disability for about 14 years. If it helps any we live in Florida. Thanks for your time and reply.

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Yes. The maximum benefit rate for 2012when SSI is involved is $1048 for a couple. That will go up slightly in 2013. Your combined SSD rates are $1034, so you will likely both lose some or all of your SSI eligibility. And, their are other risks - there may be an impact on aany medical assistance you get through the Florida Department of Children and Families.

It is an unfortunate result, I know, but couples are often better off financially running two households and not getting married.

You might want to a Florida legal aid attorney for some advice about all the risks and benefits of getting marriage - you are smart to think of this before you actually get married!!

I wish you the best of luck in the future - whatever you choose to do!

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Thank you for that super fast reply Clifford we really appreciate your help and the information you gave us. It really does put a damper on things, she has 7 different lawsuits going for medmal, and others her lawyer stated to us today we needed to get married ASAP due to me also being able to file a suit, also if she passes away then I can continue the suits also for wrongful death. There is just no way I can put her in the position of loosing her Medicaid by the state, that has taken care of her surgery's, gamma knife on her brain, chemo, meds ect. It really is sad that our country does this to people, they force us to pretty much live in sin, and lie just to survive. I thought it was supposed to be better than that. Thank you again


Mr. Ferrell is right. So, you have to make a choice. You can also earn money without losing the benefits.

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